Luna Cat’s Breathing Exercises


Sometimes, we feel anxious, overwhelmed, worried and wound up, or have trouble going to sleep. It can be hard to find a way to feel calm, relaxed, peaceful and sleepy. Luna has 3 short exercises that can help our mind and body to unwind just by breathing. Each exercise has a different focus. Luna will get you started but you can breath this way as long as you need to achieve the desired result.


Luna will identify feelings that may be concerning a child and offer support in the form of a breathing exercise. She will give a short example of how the breathing is done and encourage the child to continue breathing that way as long as they need to. She asks “How do you feel?” at the end to give children an opportunity to assess their feelings and decide whether to continue or stop the exercise. This can be used as a daily routine or when a situation arises on a case by case basis.