About Mac's Patch

Mac’s Patch is the creation of Kylie Penn and produced by social enterprise, Illumination Workshop, for the support of children and families.

Kylie has been working in children’s entertainment for over 20 years and Mac’s Patch has been in development for almost the same amount of time. Inspired by her father and the farm that she grew up with, Kylie wanted to create a holistic approach to supporting children with life skills.

Mac’s Patch is home to a variety of characters and each focus on an aspect of personal development. From resilience and relationships to safety and physical health they explore these topics in a series of stories that are fun and familiar.

The Illumination Workshop’s mission is to shine a light on information that can support children in reaching their full potential and living a happy and healthy life.

We believe in the ability of children to understand and learn complex emotional concepts through the use of storytelling and play. We provide relevant and topical information that can grow healthy habits that will support them throughout life.

Our films are designed to impart information to children, through repetition and without adult supervision. We have also developed a series of interactive activities that promote shared learning with educators and family. It is our vision that all children have the opportunity to learn essential skills and family and community be included in the exploration of those ideas.

Our team is made up of an amazing group of very talented people who each specialise in an aspect of production. This includes research and development of content, creation of the Mac’s Patch characters and environment, and the production of film and educational resources to bring it all to life. We are very proud and pleased to call Northland, New Zealand our home.